Creating, Publishing & Securing APIs with API Connect

Learn Modern Technology This program helps participants to learn how to create, publish, and secure APIs with IBM API Connect V5.0.8.
  • Create, publish, and secure APIs with IBM API Connect V5.0.8.
  • Use the Developer Toolkit to define an API interface according to the OpenAPI specification.
  • Assemble message processing policies in the API Designer web application and define client authorization schemes, such as OAuth 2.0, in the API definition.
  • Build a Node.js API application with the LoopBack framework.
  • Package, stage, and publish an API with product and plan.
API developers: software developers who define and implement API operations
Before taking this course, you should successfully complete Developing REST APIs with Node.js for IBM Bluemix
  • Create APIs with the API Connect toolkit
  • Implement APIs with the LoopBack Node.js framework
  • Validate, filter, and transform API requests and responses with message processing policies
  • Authorize client API requests with security definitions
  • Enforce an OAuth flow with an OAuth 2.0 Provider API
  • Stage, publish, and test APIs on the API Connect cloud
Delivery Method : Classroom Training / Live Web / Self Learning
Duration : 32 hours
Level : Intermediate
Languages : English
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