Guardium (V10) Foundations

Learn Modern Technology This course is for IT professionals to configure Guardium V10 to discover, classify, analyze, protect, and control access to sensitive data.
  • Identify the primary functions of IBM Guardium
  • Apply key Guardium architecture components
  • Navigate the Guardium user interface and command line interface
  • Manage user access to Guardium
  • Use the administration console to manage Guardium components
  • Build and populate Guardium groups
  • Configure policy rules that process the information gathered from database and file servers
  • Use the configuration auditing system, Vulnerability Assessment application, and Database Discovery to perform data security tasks
  • Create queries and reports to examine trends and gather data
  • Automate compliance workflow processes
  • Use file access monitoring to keep track of the files on your servers
Database administrators, security administrators, security analysts, security technical architects, and professional services using IBM Guardium
  • Working knowledge of SQL queries for IBM DB2 and other databases
  • Working knowledge of UNIX commands
  • Familiarity with data protection standards such as HIPAA and CPI
Learn how to
  • Configure Guardium V10 discover, classify, analyze, protect, and control access to sensitive data.
  • How to perform vulnerability assessment
  • Monitor data and file activity
  • How to create reports, audits, alerts, metrics, and compliance oversight processes.
Delivery Method : Classroom Training
Duration : 24 hours
Level : Intermediate
Languages : English
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