IBM Innovation Centre for Education (IBM ICE) is a unique global initiative by IBM, providing essential applied IT knowledge in key and emerging technology areas. Delivered in collaboration with universities, IBM acts as the Knowledge Partner, while universities serve as Academic Partners.

IBM ICE programs are intensive and combine face-to-face learning with IBM’s advanced online platform, the 'Industry-Academia Collaboration Framework'. This approach ensures students gain deep, applied knowledge through industry alignment and interactions, preparing them to be industry-ready and future-ready professionals.


Features of Program

In-depth and applied courseware exclusively available to IBM students at University

The applied courseware is created exclusively for IBM ICE Students by industry experts and with inputs from IBMers from all over the world.

Project and Lab based learning combined with Instructor led classroom training

Focus on projects and applied learning shall be offered from the very beginning. Theory courses shall be augmented by adequate project and applied work, which will help the students apply the knowledge they gain in classroom.

Subject Matter Experts Visits & Interaction

Visits to IBM ICE Academic Partner will be planned by IBM and Subject Matter Experts to SatrexUniversity, so that IBM ICR students can learn from their experiences and skills.


IBM shall organize IBM ICE Days where students learn to collaborate and compete through Technical Poster Competitions, Hackathons, Technical Paper Presentations and Project Presentations.

Globally Recognized Digital Badge

The coveted IBM Digital Badge directly issued by IBM directly to all graduating students.

Availability of Mentors to IBM ICE Students

Mentoring support to students for additional and expert knowledge.

Industry Updates

Timely updates from industry mentors and from IBM’s experts shall be made available to IBM ICE students of University.

Online / Offline Discussions Forums

The learning will be further enhanced by providing adequately structured discussion forums against relevant topics / subjects.



As technology evolves, traditional Computer Science programs often lag, leaving students needing further training before contributing effectively in the workplace.

IBM ICE bridges this gap by offering cutting-edge technological knowledge and industry-specific training. Our state-of-the-art delivery model ensures students are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in a dynamic landscape, providing immediate value to employers.


Key Benefits
for the Students

Technology based and totally vendor agnostic approach in curriculum.

IBM certified Faculties.

Curriculum designed by IBM.

Project Based Learning

Globally Recognized Digital Badge for Students from IBM

Industry Updates

Learning through collaboration and competition on IBM ICE Days

In-depth and applied courseware exclusively available to IBM students

Online / Offline Discussions Forums

SME Visits & Interaction

Key Benefits
for the Institute

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Access to state-of-the-art, industry-aligned curriculum and resources, keeping the institute at the forefront of educational innovation.

Faculty Development

Opportunities for faculty to receive specialized training and certifications, enhancing their teaching capabilities and subject matter expertise.

Global Recognition

Association with a globally recognized brand like IBM increases the institute's visibility and prestige on an international scale.

Increased Enrolment

Attract more students by offering unique and advanced programs in emerging technologies, differentiating the institute from competitors.

Industry Connections

Strengthened ties with industry experts and organizations, providing valuable networking and collaboration opportunities.

Student Success

Improved student outcomes with industry-relevant skills, leading to higher employability and successful career placements.

Competitive Edge

Position the institute as a leader in technology education, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

Access to IBM Resources

Benefit from IBM’s vast resources, including tools, technologies, and expert insights, enriching the learning experience for both faculty and students.


Technology Programs Offered

  1. Cloud Computing and Virtualization (CCV)
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  3. Business Analytics & Optimization (BAO)
  4. Cyber Security & Forensics (CSF)
  5. IOT & SmartCity (IOT)
  6. Mobile Computing (MC)
  7. Remote IT Infrastructure Management (IT Infra)
  8. Open Source and Open Standards (OSS)
  9. Graphics & Gaming Technology (GGT)
  10. Mainframe Technology (MFT)

Domain Specific Programs Offered

  1. Oil & Gas Informatics (OGI)
  2. Telecom Informatics (TI)
  3. Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Informatics (BFSII)
  4. eCommerce & Retail Informatics (eRA)
  5. Healthcare Informatics (HI)
  6. Manufacturing Informatics (MI)

Academic TieUps

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